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Trademark Registration Process in India

Before embarking on understanding the Trademark Registration, Trademark Registration Process in India, having an understanding of certain important aspects of Trademark are vital. Important amongst them are:

Trademark Registration Process and indicative timeline

What kind of Trademark can be registered in India?

  1. Word mark (it includes one or more words, letters, numerals, or anything written in standard character),

  2. Device mark (it includes any label, sticker, monogram, logo, or any geometrical figure other than word mark),

  3. Colour (Mark in which the distinctiveness is claimed in the combination of colour) it can be with or without device),

  4. Three-dimensional Trademark (it includes shape or packaging of goods), and

  5. Sound mark (any distinct sound can be registered as trademark).

What is Word Mark?

What is Device Mark?

What is Service Mark?

How application for registration of Trademark is filed in India?

What are Classes in Trademark?

What is the statutory fees applicable for filing of the Trademark Application?

Does statutory fees for fling application for registration of trademark vary on the basis of the category of the applicant?

When should you file a Trade Mark?

How Prior Use of Trademark can be claimed?

Why is Trademark Search recommended before filing the Trademark Application?

Is it mandatory that Trademark Search should be conducted by an Attorney?

How can I check the status of my Trademark application?

Once registered, how many years can I enjoy the benefits of registration of Trademark?

I have seen people using ™ and ® with respect to their Trademarks. What does that mean?


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